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An individual character and identity reflect upon his or her ability to have hope during challenging times. Omar Sakr the author of The H Word talks about themes and ideas such as poverty, negative home environment although the poem does expresses hope. It is vital that Omar talks about this because it helps understand his personal context.

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In a dark room where I sit next to a warm and yellow lamb flipping through pages being amazed by every "moving picture" in The Flash Issues #123 "Flash of Two World". "What are they saying?" , "Why are they doing that?" thinking to myself. At this point, I been in the United States for about 5 months now and my English vocabulary has not advanced more than just the basic English alphabet. "Đi ngủ đi" (a Vietnamese phase that means go to sleep) my dad says to me when the clock hits 10 p.m.

Symbolism - essay

Symbolism is defined as symbolic meaning attributed to natural objects or facts. People use symbols to explain an overall idea or thought as a identifiable being. Symbolism is often a big part of literature to help define the themes of a book. Lord of the Flies by William Golding is about a group of schoolboys in the time of World War Two, who are stranded on an island after their plane crashes. With no rules or supervision, they're waiting for rescue.